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Market Information » International Fur exhibition in Wendeng farmers to take 20000000 yuan of orders

International Fur exhibition in Wendeng farmers to take 20000000 yuan of orders

Source: China fur network


Reporters from the district animal husbandry bureau understands, during theInternational Fur Fair, Wendeng special animal breeding households received a total of 20000000 yuan of fur orders.

In November 21st, the reporter saw at the international trade center fur, the characteristics of Wendeng animal farming households will own a mink, fox skin,raccoon skin get the scene display, booth except peltry, there are simple processingleather, different colors and types of fur to attract customers from around the globe to stop. Gao Cun Zhen Zhong Xing Village farmers Yao Zhuqiang said, due to the global warming last year, Russia fur clothing sales market weakness, the global fur prices have fallen sharply, at present the mink industry downturn, farmers hand backlog many fur. In the hope of fur Center for docking with the manufacturers and buyers to solve problems, fur sales.

In the morning, Houjia town farmers Wang Zhanguang received a field number, the other is said to be in the afternoon to see mink mink farm. Originally, a mink furprocessing enterprises from Nanjing, the person in charge, the morning to see theWang Zhanguang culture of coffee marten fur fur fur color and density are in the top grade, he wanted to investigate further mink farm. At 2 pm, the customers came to theranch of Wang Zhanguang, in a detailed understanding of the process of breedingmink, mink and visited the field scale, refrigerated mink, the customers satisfied,immediately ordered 10000 mink, Fox and raccoon skin of the 5000. Due to the large amount of the enterprise with leather, merchants went to Zeku and other places to buythousands of mink.

According to statistics, the 3 day of the fair local farmers received a total of 20000000yuan of fur orders. Wendeng Xingwen fur professional cooperatives chairman Wang Yongquan introduction, through the fur trading center, breed door every day can understand that global mink prices, and guide the farmers breeding quality mink, minkfur trade of output quality, through auction, to further improve the Wendeng minkbrand benefit.

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