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Market Information » World shoe assembly held for the first time in Mexico\'s capital, Leon

World shoe assembly held for the first time in Mexico's capital, Leon

Source: Chinese leather net

The industry has been concerned about the fifth world shoe assembly (the 5th WorldFootwear Congress) in November 24 -25 in Mexico shoe city, Guanajuato prefecture(Guanajuato) held capital of Leon city.

The theme of this conference is: a step forward, face the challenge. More than 650industry organizations, the relevant agencies from 18 countries and regions of theresponsible person and entrepreneur representatives to participate in the general assembly. Chinese Leather Association chairman Su Chaoying, deputy secretary general Nie Yumei and director Lu Hua attended the meeting of shoe-makingprofessional committee.

The general assembly set up three sub themes, respectively is: "from a different point of view the global footwear consumer market", "market access" and "shoe manufacturing"; which, in the "shoe manufacturing" theme, were set up three sub themes: "by 2030, the world's footwear industry center will be which countries and regions?" "All kinds of shoe materials, structure and advantages and disadvantages of" and "new technology, new material, new technology". Nearly 50 guests werespeech, collision point of view, discussion and communication on the above issues.

Delegates generally agreed that the future global manufacturing center, shoes are in Asia, with the Southeast Asia, especially further show Vietnam in the labor cost advantage, industry transfer to these countries will further accelerate the pace. China as the world's most important shoe-making powers, its position can not be shaken, but its production in the global market, especially the United States and other developed countries the market share will be further narrowed.

On the consumer market, with the rapid growth of Asian economy, especially the rapid rise of the middle class in China, to make this area become the future of the globalfootwear consumption growth is the fastest area, the rapid growth of another large population of India production and consumption level can not be underestimated. At the same time, Europe and the United States and other developed countries per capita consumption of footwear will maintain a slow growth.

Delegates that the rapid rise of the Internet and smart phones, greatly changingconsumer buying habits and enterprise marketing mode, it causes the enterprise to rapidly understand consumer buying preferences and market needs and trends, will also have a huge push for brand promotion. Such as how to worldwide product rapid delivery of consumers and other questions

 involving logistics system construction will also bring more new challenges to the shoe-making enterprises.

Part in the discussion that the European Union as the leading the formulation of standards, including market access conditions of increasingly complex, constitute a de facto trade barriers. How to establish a fair, open and transparent trading system, has become a great challenge of the global footwear industry.

China Leather Association chairman Su Chaoying at the meeting on the status,leather materials in the footwear industry in the role and the future trends are described, and pointed out that the unique characteristics and renewable natural leather, will further strengthen its leading position in the high-end footwear products,but in all kinds of raw materials in the share will be reduce.

World shoe assembly (WFC) by the European footwear Alliance (CEC) in Europe was founded in 2004, every 2 or 3 years held a seminar on important issues, the face of the global footwear industry dialogue. The conference is jointly sponsored by the European Union, Mexico Guanajuato shoes footwear industry chamber of Commerce and the Mexico footwear industry suppliers association. This is after the last session of the General Assembly will be held for the first time to migrate to held outside of Europe in Brazil since the European footwear alliance will be second time to site selection in Latin america. Mexico with its labor resources, processing technology and strong leather processing capacity, so that the footwear industry holds an important position in the global industrial chain. With the United States signed a free trade agreement, make its products into the United States market enjoy zero tariff policy,while negotiations are in the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), it will causehas joined the negotiations in Mexico and Vietnam and other countries have moreadvantages in the future export trade. China's footwear industry in the future global competition, how to keep the advantage, will face enormous challenge.

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