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Market Information » France was designated as the 2015 Asia Pacific Leather Exhibition Theme nation

France was designated as the 2015 Asia Pacific Leather Exhibition Theme nation

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For the French was designated as the 2015 Asia Pacific Leather Exhibition Theme of the national leather industry, France each enterprise feel joy.

The French leather industry experts are an important part of the global leatherindustry market traditionally, combined with years of always reflect the quality and creative, so that the leather production industry internationally. France gainedextraordinary position in the market, worldwide operations also continuously.

The French leather industry each enterprise was awarded the CONSEIL NATIONALDU CUIR and SIC and other professional institutions in the export market to tradesupport, especially in Asia, SIC is the co organizer and UBM co hosted the Asia Pacific Leather fair.

In order to celebrate France in 2015 to become the Asia Pacific Leather ExhibitionTheme nation, CONSEIL NATIONAL DU CUIR and SIC to design the "Gallery" takevisitors on a journey, to experience the traditional French leather and process. Visitingbuyers can also be in the exhibition at the entrance of the French exhibitors booth, asee its creativity and innovation.

Elements here you can find all the achievements of the French superior leatherindustry -- the original skin type and quality, the French original design and so on, to share the joy of French industry special skills and.

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